Salesforce Lighting

Salesforce Lightning will Boost your Business Operations Multifold & Speed Your User Experience

Connecting Minds Gets Your Employees a Smarter Way to Work & Help Executives to analyze Business Via SFDC Lightning

Salesforce Lightning is a new version of User Interface, an updated version of Salesforce Classic. This brings a new dashboard which is extremely user-friendly and your developers, admins or BAs can customize the dashboard as per the business requirement.

Connecting Minds gets your admins to create a user-friendly dashboard without doing any data migration and application evaluation. Lightning definitely helps the Product Managers and your entire team to analyze the data specifically and exclusively. Lightning makes data entry an easy process due to the simple ways of the feature.

Connecting Minds


How Salesforce Lightning Improves Your Output & Scalability


Bring new Energy into the team by a simple upgrade to Lightning which enhances your business, makes sales easier to perform and boosts productivity.


Make data entry an easy process with lightning’s new features and makes the data organization possible without tiring data migration which in turn smoothens User activities.


Let your developers do coding without much ado because Lightning makes building application easy with its pro -coding tools and no- code builders


Get the benefits of Einstein's Artificial Intelligence and improve data analysis for a seamless Business Operation and Organizational cohesiveness.


Invest if You are a Small or Midsize Business. Salesforce Lightning has it all for every Enterprise no matter the scale.

If you are a small or midsize business, investment in Salesforce Lightning will be a profitable endeavor and a long term profit. Your Managers and admins will be highly benefited with Lightning.

Salesforce CRM is a very trustworthy service provider in the field of Customer Management. Connecting Minds assists its client from end-to-end solutions and Lightning is a extreme confidant upgrade of Salesforce.