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Boost your Business with the best Customer Management Service & reach new Heights in your Domain

Your business depends on its customer service and your Agent plays the most important role in the Business Process. Einstein- powered gives you the opportunity to reach your clients & agents interactions and view everything on the same page. We will help you implement the best practices of customer management with the unique feature of Lightning Service Console. You will able to bring every information of your customers like profiles, purchasing history, account information with the drag and drop feature for your agents to work upfront.


Make Migration extremely simple & effective from Classic to Lightning or to Cloud and a new Entity under Salesforce & Easy syncronization.



Sell Your Products at one go with Smart & Latest Features


Contact Management gets you the convenience of managing, organizing and scheduling your contacts swiftly. This helps you to know your customers more closely, pulling out their data and arranging meetings with them for a better & prompt business.


Lead Management benefits you to convert your prospective leads into real opportunities. This helps you to assign the leads to one of your best sales representatives and track the running ad campaigns to achieve the target in the promised time frame.


Opportunity management gives you the unique feature of “mobility” to track the activity of your customers from anywhere in the world. We help you to crack the deals and check the status and inform your team with the latest updates by using this feature.


We will help you to predict your team’s performance including forecast adjustments and management hierarchy. You will get the top performer of the company and also help you in case of complex sales system.


We help you to Understand your Consumers’ Thought Process & digitalize the Process into action

We work with you to examine the customer’s demand and atomize their wish list with purchase suggestions instantly. We help your B2B & B2C Business at one platform where consumers and clients engage together.

You will get an array of marketing assistance in the form of Email Studio, Social Studio, Advertising Studio, Salesforce Data Studio, Mobile Studio, Interaction Studio and many more.
You can connect 1 to 1 consumer process with the help of Marketing Cloud Journey Builder. Salesforce DMP helps you with the data. You can integrate sales and marketing on one platform for your B2B business.